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Memorial Tattoos

Hi Guys,I just had a memorial tattoo done to commemorate my grandfather that passed away on Monday after being really sick and I wanted to share it with you and see if anyone else has any ink that is extra special or a tribute.. I'd love for you all to share your pics and stories if it's not too personal!I had Pa's initials (FJB) inked on the outside of my roses at the bottom of my 1/2 sleeve and I felt that it fits beautifully and is in a spot where it's not out of place yet visible to remind me of him whenever I see it. I haven't shown any of my family yet but I know they'll be so pleased with it.

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  • That's gorgeous!
    I have two hummingbirds and one had the date my grandpa died in it (And a few of my friends). And even though I got them recolored and you can't see that anymore I know it's there.
  • I do not have a memorial tattoo, but I have wanted to get one in my grampa's honor for a while.  He was a farmer and was well-known for his awesome tomatoes.  When I saw this piece of art by Nouar Boldy, I knew this was going to be my tattoo!

    It's just a matter of scraping together the dough.

  • when my dad unexpectedly died 2 years ago I claimed his black fedora
    about 6 months later I went to a local tattoo artist and said make me something special

    we came up with
    a pool cue - my dad and I played in a pool league together

    a cup of coffee - my dad spent years on second shift and I worked late so thursday nights
    so after work I grab us coffee and meet him at work and just hang out
    and his fedora - Pop had it for years, was never without and now I have it
    well I have it in ink, my daughter has the hat itself.

    I will say, without shame, I bawled my eyes out when I got that tattoo

    My Pop was my best friend and role model, and I miss him a lot


    (edited cuz I switched to my computer to get the pic)

  • i got this memorial tat this past October. My aunt lost her battle with cancer on October 8, 2011. She was a mother to me and we were so close. I dealt with it the only way i know how: a tat with her ashes in the ink. it is an abstract angel with a daisy chain around it. There are 10 daisies (October) and 8 leaves (the 8th). I chose a daisy chain because she loved watching me make them and daisy is one of her nicknames. I put it on my left arm to be close to my heart near the crook of my elbow and facing me. Now she is always with me <3

  • Model

    loving these! 


     i have 2 memorial tattoos.  one is a little different.  its for my grandpa, i got a grackle on my calf.  i did this because my grandpa made sure that every morning he would go outside and feed the birds, even the grackles. 


    i also have a portrait of my dog Boris that has passed. 


    The link will show you the pic... It is a Phoenix and in Memory of My Son.. Who never got to see the light of day.. He is With Me Always..  Peace.

  • Model

    My mom got sick a few years ago and went a little crazy with it so I got a Heart with a Dagger through it on my right forearm...because I always wear my heart on my sleeve and sometimes the ones closest to us hurt us the most...she is better now but it is my little reminder and still represents our relationship in a lot of can see it in some of my pictures - the picture that I pasted below is from when it was brand new (about 5 years ago) so it's shinny from the A&D :)

    I just got a rubber duck on the inside of my upper left arm...that one is for my son - he is only 2 and it obsessed with ducks and cowboys so I got my friend Steve to draw me up a ducky wearing a cowboy hat...I just got it on Saturday and have to go back to get it finished...I'll post another picture when it's done :)

    I have more but those are the 2 most meaningful.

  •    If you can't tell this is on the top of my foot, which by the way hurts like a son of a B***h, but was nothing in comparison to the pain my grandparents felt before they passed away, so I took it like a champ and didn't cry. 

         This it the tattoo I got after my Grandmother passed away Sept 9th 2010. She went into cardiac arrest during her chemo treatment for lung cancer. She was taken unexpectedly and I still cry to this day when I talk or write about it. She helped raised me so she was like my mother, she was the one I turned to when things got rough and the one I would to talk to when I needed a shoulder to cry on. She was always there when my Mom and Dad weren't. The tattoo represents both of my grandparents.

         My grandfather (her husband) passed away from stomach cancer when I was 10 years old. I asked for a tattoo of 2 interlocking cancer ribbons since there love for each other was strong and they are now together. 1 was suppose to be pearl (lung cancer) and the other periwinkle (stomach cancer) however, the artist must not do well with colors and this was what I ended up with in the end. They both look like a dirty blue to me.

         The M is next to my grandmothers ribbon because I called her Momom, and the P is next to my grandfathers ribbon because I called him Papadad...... RIP they are finally reunited again.

  • I have yet to get a tattoo.  However, I want my first to commemorate a special moment in my life.  Like the cherry blossom design in this banner for the first time I go to Japan.

  • Model

    had this done this saturday there are two cancer ribbons in the h and the e the colors are dark purple stands for lupus my mom has it the light purple stand for generalized cancer im fighting adrenal cortical cancer which is very rare only 1 in 500 diagnosed per year! the 2 shades of pink stand for dark pink my gma gene rip i met her on her death bed her dying wish i was adopted. the light pink for my daughter her favorite color and what keeps me strong the blue heart is for my mom and sisters and our fight n battel with overcoming child abuse in every way manageable and domestic violence awareness. And hope is for the cure and hope for justice to be served to anyone that harms children my sisters and i were tortured for many yrs i was 3 1/2 im now 29 i promised the idiot when i didnt shoot him and the cops took me away he got my mother for abandoment that i wouldnt stop til justice was served! and it took me about 20 yrs but hes in there for the rest of his life thank god! sorry i rambled i just want to spread awareness! thanks for reading!

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