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Hi Ladies! I'm new here and I want to ask a question I had in my mind since I discovered pin up. I looked some discussions and I didn't find something explaining this, and If this isn't in the right place I'm sorry :(


My question is: Can a black girl be a pin up? A lot of people told me this cannot be possible because every pin up girl has white skin, and the make up they wear is special for that skin. 


(And sorry for my bad english)


*ADMIN NOTE: Ladies cool it and keep it civil, educate don't hate. We didn't build this worldwide colorless community for anyone to think they CAN'T be a pinup. It exists to show that ANYONE can and that the style is represented worldwide without boundaries.

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Your picture is very cute, and I think you would make a beautiful pin-up. Milly x

OMG YES! Pin-up is a time capsuled look. Just because the advertising of that time only showed "white" women, didn't mean that all colors of the rainbow didn't also look like that. Below is a link to one of my new favorite pin-ups, Miss Angelique Noire!

And a very warm welcome to PL!

Kelli Mae

HAHHAHAHAH... that's a funny question... lol. You can always go to or and you will see alot of Ebony Pinup Models.

OMG who told you that??? check the pin ups on they're the beautiful just like you xxx

I have seen all shades and I for our next casting call in Denver, most of the entries are ladies medium to dark color skin. I think it is GREAT there is variety!! The USA has changed a lot and the Pin Up girl needs to evolve too. That is just my opinion.... (our site is where you can see the different skin types on the 2011 calendar)

Oh sweetie!  Being a Pin up is more than the color of your skin or what you look like.  There are many of us, myself included, that are "white" or have lighter skin.  And yes, it is true that in the OLD days, the pin ups were white.  But this is a new era! It's for anyone! You should embrace your skin and your affection for being a pin up! I think it's great when I see girls of all shapes and sizes and colors being a pin up doll!  


Do you! Don't get discouraged just because the majority has lighter skin.  You have a family of pin ups to back you back!

Go for it, it's shouldn't matter what color your skin is  :)
ABSOLUTELY!!! I will get the name my friend recently found an amazing group of African American pin ups - you are adorable and this person who told you this has NO clue- PLUS its 2011 and we make new rules- go for it honey!!
I wonder the same thing. I wonder that not just because of the color of my skin, but the culture in general. I love all the things associated with the pin up lifestyle, but sometimes I feel very....out of place simply because I am not pale with long straight black hair and Betty Bangs, ya know?

Woah Woah Woah .....first of all a Black Girl can be ANYTHING she wants I wear pinup style makeup EVERYDAY and not to toot my own horn but I think I look damn good in it. Don't ever let ANYONE tell you, you can't do anything whether you're black, white, orange, green. Whoever told you that is for one CLEARLY RACIST ..and extremely ignorant I'm surprised you actually listened to that person.

Case in point that's ME I'm BLACK I do PINUP WORK and I WILL NEVER be too intimated to continue because of the color of my skin no matter what anyone says.

Have you looked a photos of Billie Holiday and other great african american singers/actress of the period they had great pin-up style! You go girl, pin up is a celebration of the female form, be the most pin-up version of you that you can be! ;) Hugs from me!

I wonder why you have to ask?


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