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Burlesque in Fargo North Dakota!

A few of my friends and I started up a burlesque troupe in Fargo North Dakota and we landed four gigs in one week.  We sold out the first two, played a private party at the local art museum, and then performed a joint show with the Queens at the Ibeam (the local gay bar and only gay bar that i know of near North Dakota which works for us because I'm pretty sure that we are also the only burlesque troupe in the state as well)...we were also promised more gigs where that came from!  Much to my surprise my mom even came to one of the shows, and silly me thought she'd be upset about the pasties.  Now she can't stop talking about the show!  Bad Weather Burlesque is taking Fargo by storm!

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  • Yea for You. I am trying to get girls together in North FL for a troupe. I am having problems getting folks organized. I need more women with a passion for it!  Congratulations!  My mom loves the Idea of burlesque too...she has even offered to help with costuming.
  • We are experiencing the same problems for sure!  It's hard finding people who are willing to dedicate time, money, and energy!

  • I'd love to see your show sometime!  So cool to have something fun to attend close by:)

  • We have a show lined up this Friday at the Howard Johnson Banquet room for The Glitter Gala, which is a benefit for The Pride Collective, then we have another gig lined up at the Ibeam December 9.  We've also been talking about doing a show in February as part of the Erotica show at The Red Raven..  We did some post cruise nights over the summer months.  It's been a lot of fun!  I'd love to see ya at one of the shows!

  • For any other locals, I've seen Ms Disaster perform and let me tell you, she does not disappoint! I really want to go to The Glitter Gala and I might still make it work. Glad to know there is another show in December! You should try to do a special holidays show sometime in December as well, that would be a hoot! Can you just see it? Santa Hat Pasties?

  • I loooove the way you think girl!  We have a show lined up at the Ibeam December 9.. trannies, burlesque girls, and santa hats?  That's my kind of christmas party!


  • Fantastic! I can't wait!

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