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Hello Darlings!

I need to come up with a clever yet sexy burlesque name asap because my buddies and I are planning on putting on a little burlesque show.

I'm having so much trouble and the stupid online generators suck. The best one I found was "

li'l panties dupree

I think thats a cute name and it makes me giggle but I want to find better.

Suggestions! Please!


Muchas Gracias!


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The Trousseau said:

Anita Mann, Anita duNau, Wanda DuMei, Kitty Von Sunow, Wanda du VooDoo, Madam Von Herz Brechen, Miss duBrunst Mich

... German is such a sexy language


Hmmm... I like this one "Kitty Von Sunow" very much! Thanks a lot

Hi all,

I'm fairly new to the whole world of burlesque, but am LOVING it so far! I'm stuck on my stage name at present. I've changed it from Duchess Honey Devine to Miss Kitty L'amour to Lady Law L'amour to Fifi von Fleur in a matter of weeks!! Any ideas of whih one you like best? Or maybe some more twists on the ones I have here? I've heard 'Miss' and 'Kitty' are used often and I'd like something a bit different and fun.

Thanks for any help :) x

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