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Cheesecake Pin Up?

When I signed up for PL i had no idea there were so many genres of pin up. Most of the genre titles were pretty self explanatory....but can anyone clarify what Cheesecake Pin Up is all about?Text explanations and visual examples would be greatly appreciated! :)

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  • Model

    To my best knowledge, it's the fun/flirty/sexy pin-ups. Like a lot of Gil Elvgren's paintings, where the girls are in a bad, yet funny, situation, but they're still totally adorable and beautiful.


    They don't always have to be in a "situation", though. Just kind of the sexy girl-next-door.

  • girl next door, sweet and sexy, seemless background,


  • This might help a bit.
  • Cheesecake is cute, sexy in a sweet way, naughty & nice rolled into one.  You could describe it as "cheeky."  What it's NOT is sultry, fierce or overtly sexy.  I have to admit cheesecake is my favorite style!   Gil Elvgren was definitely the master of cheesecake paintings! 

  • great website! thanks for the link.

    Roxy Tart {Madam} said:

  • Wow guys thanks so much! That clears up a lot! great web links and images :)
  • Gotham Gold Stripe Hosiery advertisement, 1951
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