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I love seeing crazy colors done right, and made popular by amazing ladies. Who sports some of your favorite wild-colored 'dos??

Audrey Kitching:




Raquel Reed:






Go crazy, Roxy!  =P

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Not "pin up" pics I know but i loved dying my hair :)



Maybe one day i'll have coloured hair again :)

Very cool images!!!

I absolutely love crazy coloured hair! Mine at the moment has pinky purple streaks in but come Friday it will be entirely bubblegum pink - I have to wait for my last shift at work to do it because, apparently, it's not acceptable! - and can't wait! I think after the entire pink has gone I might just dip dye it...or go turquoise?



Also am loving that 1950s photo! My friend tried to tell me I wasn't vintage because I had alternative hair...well that photo will show her!

I love photographing the colorful hair girls.  They have there own personal and swag that I love having in front of my camera.  Here is just three of many colorful girls I have photographed.
I have purple and love the compliments and positive responses! You can be a pin up and have not just blonde, brown, or black hair :)

I love LOVE love changing upmy hair, not only the style but also the color. Weaving hair gives me the opportunity to change my hair color up without doing to much damage to my own. I can't seem to find the pics of my black and purple hair but here are some I was able to pull together.


Here's some orange hair



And  Pink


And Reds

Holy toledo, that's awesome!  Drooool...
Roxy Tart {PL Team / Madam} said:


I found this picture in a collection of photos from the 1950's.

Love it!

Me too, Buttercup! I've always wanted purple hair! I'm very very tempted!!
Awesome photos! Once, I was calico. On accident. I was drunk, at had an adult girls sleep over, and my friends dyed my hair black, then orange, blonde etc, I woke up and my hair was seriously, like a calico cat. I had to keep my hair like this for a month, because I didn't want to damage it even more. Strangly enough, I got a lot of compliments during this time, but I am not sure if they were just sympothy compliments :-/


Oh how I LOVE Amelia Nightmare!!!

My personal favorite is Manic Panic in Ultra Violet.

Trixie BaZooms said:
Me too, Buttercup! I've always wanted purple hair! I'm very very tempted!!

Dearly love these pictures.  I wish I could color my hair like that...

Roxy Tart {PL Team / Madam} said:

And since Kitty gave me the title Queen of Color over in the Dollhouse, I figured I should post my own hair pix.

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