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Hey everyone, i've started drawing portrait necklaces in a pin up style!


Here are a couple i have done


If you would like one please PM me on here or like my facebook page and leave me a message on the wall!


My prices are £5 inc postage to UK, £7 to Europe and £8 to US and rest of the world!!


Thanks for looking xxx






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  • Performer
    They look real good. I like :D. If you don't mind me asking do you draw the people that want the necklace or just random pin up chicks? I'm planning on getting one.
  • They look great! Keep up the good work!!!!

  • The people who want them using their photos to make a collective image :) xxx


    Alternatively i can do something with ideas, just doodled this for a lady that wants a black pin up girl necklace :)


  • Performer
    Will I cost extra if we choose our own picture?
  • Nope :)
  • Performer
    Sweet ok umm give me a second to choose a picture that I want lol :D some how it those not let me send you a message hummm.
  • Ok :) if you need to email it im
  • Performer
    Ill send you the picture by today or tomorrow ok hun thanks x
  • Ok hun :) xx
  • Those are pretty awesome!
This reply was deleted.

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