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Hey Dolls,
Since I'm going to start-up this modeling I always have an issue with facial expressions. I seem to always just smile. I would like to have a variety of expressions. I've heard to just practice in front of a mirror but I want to ask more experience models their tricks to getting awesome pictures and not getting akward looking pictures. Anything helps thanks! :)


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I think the key to non awkward pictures is to not feel awkward! Just have fun with your shoots :). Pin up is good because you can do most exaggerated expressions. Check out the old pin up art for inspiration and just have a bunch of fun creating the shots :)
A photographer friend of mine told me to use your vowels A E I O U Y.  Hold the vowel in the middle  as you say it and it helps open up your face, especially the A and the O. Works for me because I get so nervous.
Yup, relax and have fun.  Thinking slightly dirty thoughts helps too!
I think Chel and Felicia are right-I did those sounds and it helped a lot. Also def have fun and relax. I noticed my pictures got better as I became more relaxed and happier. Play music you like in the background to get you in a mood or a sip of wine *wink* I think the more pin ups you do the more you learn...good luck!!!
Thank you ladies. I never thought about the vowels. I use to do those kind of mouth excerises when I played the clarinet back in high school. Again, thank you and yeah the more shoots I do the less tense I will feel.
Nothing beats practice, but there is a better way than a mirror, now.  Put on make up.  Get a computer with a camera.  Sit.  Take pictures.  Lots and lots of them.  Evaluate.  :D
If it is pin-up, then study the expressions on the faces of the girls from the classic pin-up artists like Elvgren.  Mild shock, embarrassment and surprise seem to feature prominently!  Of course it really helps if you have a scenario where you are reacting to a 'situation', rather than just pulling a face. For example, maybe you are adjusting a suspender strap - if you imagine you've just become aware that someone is spying on you through the keyhole that should get the right expression!  And if I get one 'spot-on' exporession out of ten shots I am delighted, so not every one will work for you.
definitely have a good time!  i never knew about the vowel thing; i'll have to try it next time.  for me, i spend a lot of time making goofy faces at myself in almost anything reflective when i'm alone.  it seems to help loosen up those face muscles :)
There is some good advice in this thread as well.

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