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full skirts and windy places. is there hope?

So, I LOVE circle skirts and full skirted dresses. They are so comfy and so easy to move in, which as a mom to lots of little ones, is essential. However, I live in Oklahoma and it's normal for the typical "breeze" to be 20-30 mph winds. While I do enjoy a good pencil skirt and wiggle dress, they just aren't always practical for me as a mom cause it can be restrictive at times. Is there some trick ladies have to being able to rock the full skirts in windy places that I'm missing? I can't just use my hands to hold my skirt down, cause I need to be holding my kids' hands and/or pushing a stroller pretty much all the time. Is there any way to combat having a Marilyn moment, or will full skirts just have to be a rare treat for the 5 non-windy days a year we have here.

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  • I wear full skirts more then any other kind, and in San Francisco we have some pretty bad winds too. There are a few tricks that will help, but not a whole lot you can do keep them down completely. Heavy weight fabrics will stay down better then light ones. Wearing petti-pants will make it so you don't have to worry, if your skirt fly's up you are covered (I never wear a full skirt without them). A petticoat will add some weight and layers and that will help keep it down. Also, if a petticoat is too much, there is the weight trick. Take a few small weights and sew them into the seam of the skirt. The little bit of pull will keep it from blowing up too high.

  • what kind of weights?

  • Fishing weights work well, and so do washers. Just hit the hardware store and ask, then see what you think would work best for you.

  • I found a great heavy weight full circle skirt here that has two complete full heavy layers to it, I haven't had any Marilyn moments and it's such a great everyday skirt

  • I tape pennies to the inside of my skirts on windy days. Easy peasy.
  • Measure the circumference of your hem and purchase the same amount of brass ball chain (hardware store or Etsy supplies). This is the same or similar kind of ball chain used on the old rubber bathtub stoppers for those of you who don't know. Undo a small area at the back of the skirt hem and thread the ball chain all the way around as you would an elastic using the hem itself as casing. You can use any small chain as long as it fits into the hem width and secure in place, stich back the hem. Chanel jackets are all weighed in the same way. Oldest trick in the book ;-).

  • You can also just throw caution to the wind and wear bloomers under your skirts. Then if it blows up in the air you're covered. Lots of cute bloomer options out there too of different lengths and fabrics. :) I used to wear men's boxers under my skirts when I was bike riding too. If the wind is cold it's always nice to wear a couple pairs of drawers anyways. Good luck! 

  • don't be embarrassed by your cheeky, sexy moment.  

  • With all due respect as a guy those skirts and a nice breeze REALLY make our day.

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