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As many of you know one of our members, Daniel (he makes all our fabulous decals) has been suffering from Cancer. He has been sick for over a year, and just recently started undergoing chemo and radiation. Because of this he has been unable to work (or do anything else).

Since PL is a family, we want to do something to help him and his immediate family, so we have put together a fund raiser! PLEASE head over to the PL shop where we have set up a special area for Daniel's fund raising. Our members have been gracious in donating items and EVERY PENNY of the proceeds will go to a private pay-pal account for Daniel and his family. Also, every issue of Retro Lovely sold from the PL store will be donated as well.


Please take a moment to go and shop, or if you'd simply like to donate you can do so below. Everything helps, even just $1. There are lots of good causes out there, but this one is so close to our hearts because Daniel is an active and very important member of our community and family. Please help us help him.




or simply:



*Personal note, I love you Daniel. You have become a true brother to me and I pray that this ordeal ends soon. I hope we are able to help in some small way.Love,Roxyxoxoxo

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Would you send me Paypal info please? <3

Keep on Fighting Daniel<3 You can do it!

I will share this,as well as donate when I am able <3



Heather Lynn

I just did my part.  I pray that it helps in some small way. 

Just donated also.  Love you Dear Daniel, praying for you and for your family conitinually!

just added a button up top! :)

Harlean Carpenter {★} said:

Would you send me Paypal info please? <3

I will definitely help.  If I don't find any purdies I want to buy, I'll just donate some $$$.  Sending good juju to you Daniel.  Kick that cancer in the ass and get better soon!  xoxo, Plum

We love you, Daniel. You can do this - kick that cancer's ass! We got your back! <3! 

I made a purchase but also wanted to know if I can donate some items from my store to help?  I would be more than happy!!

** Be strong Daniel!**

please let me know if I can & where to send items!


So Daniel got his MRI results back and the tumor is gone. He will still have to undergo radiation at a lower dosage and should be done with it by March 24 and chemo will still happen for about 4 or 5 more months. They want to make sure it never comes back. Thank you all for your love and support, it really means a lot to us. xoxoxoxoxox

That is VERY good news! Sending good thoughts for continued success with treatment. :)

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