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I'm back!! :)

It's been a few months since I've even looked at PL, and after being busier than usual, I have finally found time to come back and check everything out.. So here I am.. I'M BACK :). And I am looking for others here on the East Coast. I'm hoping to meet more of you everyday. Feel free to message/comment me anytime, and I will try to get back to you as soon as possible. It's so good to be back and the site looks better than ever.Can't wait to hear from you guys and dolls!!xoxo Miss Lindsey

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  • Welcome back and thanks for the compliments on the new look!
  • Thanks!! I will definitely try my hardest to make it out to Ohio. I was there this past spring for a concert. Ohio is an interesting place. Keep me updated!! :) xoxo

    Chop & Go {PLA} said:
    good to see ya doll! hey, we are planning a big ole shakedown this coming summer in ohio. penn state peeps are more than welcome to join us. we'll make it the east coast bash. keep in touch. we are just in the planning stage.
  • Absolutely. The site is so much easier to navigate than the last time I was on, and the look is beautiful. It's very sophisticated. Love it. xoxo.

    Daddy Cool {PL} said:
    Welcome back and thanks for the compliments on the new look!
This reply was deleted.

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