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It may come as disrespectful to some...

...the question asked by many "What do you do for a living?"

I'm not sure under what forum to post this, so I hope  "Off Topic" will do fine right now (:

Tattoos have come a long way throughout the years and I sure am glad they've (apparently) become more accepted by "society".

I'm barely starting to collect my share of tattoos; I've been wondering, what do you gals and gents who're heavily tattooed "do for a living"?

I'm in school studying to major in Zoology, but the "good luck finding a job with tattoos like that" comments are heard more often than not.


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  • The whole not letting people with tattoos have certain jobs is merely to pacify the majority of the older generation, the ones who believe tattoos belong on sailors and whores and find piercings scary.

    The majority of people under 50 have at least one tattoo these days, it's only a matter of time until it's accepted within all industries, ie: once all the old fuddy duddies have gone :p

    Don't worry about it for now, it's an old fashioned ideal just like "Women can't be doctors" and "men shouldn't be house husbands" which will eventually fade out in time just like they did.

    I wouldn't mind betting the people who make comments are also a weeny bit jealous and wish they had the guts to have art done too!

  • I

    have done many jobs over the years. Some I was allowed to let them hang out (cashiering or waiting tables) and some I kept them hidden (Member Services rep in banking/ office jobs). Right now I let them all hang out since I am running my webstore. I'm the boss. :D  I have 8 that are very large and colorful and to cover them I do have to wear long sleeves and pants. And I do cover them for interviews. Wether I cover them for the actual job depends on the company rules. I have friends who also have tattoos, some with alot some with a little. They include jobs in Human Resources for large companies, training managers for auto insurance companies, police officers,fire fighters, and attorneys, college professors, elementary school lunch ladies, special ed teachers, hair stylists, waiters, and cashiers. All walks of life really.

    I personally have never been fired over a tattoo. I have never been denied a job because of a tattoo. I have however in the past year been denied a job as a CSR at a local bank due to a facial peircing. (So I believe anyway) Which is stupid, because I don't have peircings! I just have an unfortunate scar in a place where alot of people get peircings, and the guy interviewing didn't believe me. :(

  • Moving to the Body Art forum. :)
  • Well, that depends on what you want to do in zoology? I'm not very familiar, but I'm a vet tech which is a similar field (i'm assuming) and i don't have visible tattoos but at my clinic they're allowed. One of our techs used to work at the zoo and has multiple visible dermal anchors. I think it all depends on where you want to work and what you want to do.

    as you can see im kinda past a point of no return so any job at a bank is definitely not in my future. my hands/knuckles and majority of my arms are covered as well. im surprised at how in this day and age people will still look down on body modifications. shit, even my mom and dad still get ink. i am a production artist for a sign company in the housing industry. its quite hilarious to see the looks on our clients faces when they realize i am designing signs for their projects.

    i think its funny when people automatically assume i do tattoos for a living just b/c im covered with them. I am who I am and I will never try to conceal my tattoos just to get a specific job. if they wont hire me b/c of it then it means that job wasnt meant for me. 

  • Model
    I work in a (human) hospital. They frown upon visible tattoos, but they won't fire you over them. The trick seems to be don't let them see anything in your interview & try to hide them as much as possible (or wait to get easily visible ones) until you've proven you're a good employee.
  • This is a very good post. 98% of Americans have tattoos now days, most business are pretty accepting, some are starting to become accepting, and there are those that will always be closed minded about tattoos. I have tats all down my right arm to my hand, I work for a conservative corporaiton where tats are not to show. Before I even get out of my car I make sure I have something with sleves and I take out any piercings that show. The policy even states "No un-natural hair color" if that give you an idea... I've been with the company for 13 years now; however, I just started getting my tattoos 3 years ago. I knew the company with policy before I got my tats, so I knew I'd have to cover em up during business hours. Here's what I recommend to you, don't get tats where they show until your out of school and have an established career. If you have tats on your arms or legs, when it comes time to getting yourself a new job find out what the business policy is before you apply, this way you'll know if your going to be in my shoes and have to work 8 hours a day wearubg sleves. Personally am not complaining about my situation as I'm very happy with my employer and I knew what I was getting myself into before I got my tats. Maybe one day the conservative companies will realize that tattoos don't affect a person's brain. Hell, both my attorney and doctor have tats! Good luck to you :)

  • I work at Sally Beauty Supply. I'm very lucky because tattoos and piercings and wild hair are accepted in the beauty industry. however I do feel like I don't get taken seriously, like I'm some pierced joke... I really don't feel that my piercings/tattoos' reflect on my intelligence however most people do. :/

    I assume they think you'll have a hard time getting a job with tattoos because they are "unprofessional".. whatever. unfortunately that's how society is. It doesn't matter how much we disagree, your possible future employers will pre judge you based on looks (as well as manners and talent etc) it's called a first impression.. often times it's wrong...

    I wish you luck my dear, and I really hope that no one treats you in this manner, because I'm sure you are going to be an amazing Zoologist... <3

  • I think as long as you can cover them most jobs will accept you, except for hands/face/neck tattoos which are impossible to hide. Although u may want to stear clear from arm tattoos for awhile till your established unless u want to be in long sleeves out in the sun. I am currently going to school as a nurse and when i was interviewed i had t hide my visible tattoos. It sucks but what can you do about it?
  • I do hair and I work at an elementary school. The kids love my purple hair and tattoos, and my clients don't mind, even my little old lady roller set clients.
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