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It’s perhaps the most iconic photograph from the victory celebrations of World War II, and the nurse who made it possible, Edith Shain, is dead at 91.

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Awww thats really sad, what an iconic figure. Amazing to know that the soldier has still not been identified.
Oh that's so sad. We are losing such an amazingly inspiring generation too quickly.
That breaks my heart. I love that picture! It was ironic the night that my husband joined the Navy, we went to dinner to talk about this change in our lives. That picture was hanging in the restaurant and we were sat right underneath it. I will never forget that! It was like an omen for us!
I saw an article on Yahoo about her passing. So sad. =0[
my friend has this image tattooed on her back!
I heard about this! Such a shame... 91 years is a long life, I'm sure she had a lot of amazing stories.
Wow, 91... I bet she had an amazing life. May she rest in peace.
I love this picture, that's too bad that she has passed. At least she lived a very full life and making it to 91 is pretty good. I hope she rests in peace.

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