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Hey everyone, i went for my first ever shoot yesterday and would like some feedback on the photos! I have attached them for you to see. I wanted to do this shoot to build up a bit of confidence after having my baby 4 months ago and losing 56lbs!


Thanks in advance :D



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Aww i love this pics, you look beautiful hun and love the pic with the baby it is sooo cute!!!
These pics*
Love your dress!! these are great!

Awh doll these are beautiful!! Well done you!!

And your ickle boy is so gorgeous as well, I'd frame that one if I were you! :D

Absolutely cute!  good on you for doing something fun for yourself!
These are photo's to be proud of! You are beautiful and the baby is ADORABLE. Great job on the weightloss. I know how difficult it is. <3

A+! I love them, you're being you and not trying to be anyone/thing else!


Fantastic job! Keep up the great work!
Thanks loaads :D just got back from my 2nd so more pics to come ^-^ xxxxxxx

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