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  • You are adorable!!! I love it.

  • Not bad for a first try. I love your personality and the hair style =)! I'm currently trying to master victory rolls, so very helpful.

  • Beautiful, i wish is could do them, but everytime i try it goes wrong, my hair just too dam thick and heavy!

    In the end i resorted to getting bangs and now rock the land girl look instead.

  • I have very thick heavy hair as well Acid Pain.  I also specialize in the victory roll look for women with very thick hair.  Here's my Victory roll look that I did for my Christmas photos:  My mother in law jokes I have enough hair for 3 people.  The key to a good victory roll in thick hair is curling it first.  Wet set your hair the night before in soft rollers or pin curls and the next morning your hair should have curl in it where you can basically follow the pattern of the curl to start rolling.  You can also use a ceramic medium barreled curling iron to curl the pieces you're trying to roll...the key is curling the hair inward towards the center of the scalp.  You roll with the curl.  :) 

    Definitely very cute SINderella!  Is that your first hair styling video? 

This reply was deleted.

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