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Need some subject matter for upcoming paintings. in other words. pretty girls to paint.

The title envelopes what Im lookin for. have a few series of paintings I want to do and would love to use independent models. not sure what "independent" means, but you know what I mean. So if you like my work and are interested in working together, feel free to hit me up.

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Well you can tell when you've got talent! You are going to have your hands full.  Looks like we would all like to be painted with/as ghouls and zombies. ;p

Totally interested! Let me kow if I fit with what you're looking for... :)

Count me me at

Would most definitely love to be apart of this! I'm from Santa Cruz but live in LA, I'll be back up North in November, particularly in the San Jose area! I love Horror! <3


Can't private message you.  I'm not all that PinupLifestyle savvy, but had to jump on when I saw your post.  Your work is impressive and we would be honored to be a part of it.  Please check out Gang Awesome!

I adore your work and I would love love love to work with you!



I would be interested in working with you!  I am in San Jose as well  :-) 

Oddly enough I also have one of your prints hanging in my house...

I see u already have plenty of subjects willing to work with you but if you like any of my SF hit me up, I'm more than willing to work with you!

Would love to participate!

I am interested and would love to help. : )

i would love to! 

im interested

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