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I understand that the Pin-Up and vintage craze is about the curves...and I have curves. But I'm not going to lie about not wanting my cellulite to show when I'm in a bathing suit--Especially since I prefer minimal editing in my photo sets. Or wanting to tone my stomach so that my waist cincher doesn't turn me purple. Not to mention, I'm a mommy and I need to be in shape to keep up with my two-year old ( Even though I'm still personally a work in progress). I thought it would be a neat idea of everyone to share what it is we do to keep motivated. Or what you like to do whether it's Roller Derby, Dance or in my case Boxing :-) Sound off!

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There are a ton of threads about this very thing in the forum all ready. Just spend some time looking in the Health & Fitness section. Here are a few to get you started:


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