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Hey everyone, I really really need some help with hair ideas!!


This is my hair length;


I know, its pretty rubbish, but my head was shaved last june so ive had to grow it out lol!


Anyway, im dying for some hair ideas, as its in a bob it just seems to be rubbish and not do anything! I have thick resistant hair and I need an awesome hairstyle to rock at an american car show im going to!


Please please help me, all the videos i can find have hair thats significantly longer than mine!!


TY in advance xxx

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Check out this lady:


I know it may not be what you wanna hear, but honestly, the beauty of the bob is it looks wonderful on it's own! Maybe put in some mousse and boof it up a bit, but I really do think that pinning bits back and playing around with it will spoil it.


Just stick a flower or an alice band in it and enjoy, it suits your face wonderfully

Sorry, i can't help you, I have the same problem, but my hair is shorter than yours but curly, sometimes i use hair extensions to fix it ;) a month ago i had half of the bangs green, looks good. As for hairstyle, pin curls is what I use now, since there is no other option.

Have you thought about using hair pieces to get different looks? I wear a lot of pieces and wigs, and because of that I keep my hair a bit longer then yours because it's so easy. Check out this thread for ideas on different ways to wear pieces, Also, check out this thread for short hair ideas,



Hi doll! I have struggled a bit with this as of late, I had long hair but decided I needed a change and had it cut in to a short a-line type bob..... I usually set all of the longer layers in small curlers, and use a tiny curling iron to curl the back and play around with different styles.... you can see in a few of my new photos. You could curl up the sides into victory rolls, and hide the back with a bandanna or a snood maybe? :)

just an idea but how about trying an Elizabeth Taylor look? LIke putting your hair in hot rollers for about 20-30 minutes :) I had chin length hair and when i did hot rollers it turned out like Marilyn Monroe :)

Good Luck!

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