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so I shaved off all my hair to raise money for research into child illness. I would do it all again for the cause, but feel like I have lost so much of my identity. What can I do with my very short hair to show my rockabilly/psychobilly Side?

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That is amazing that you did that!  My top tips would be bandanas, scarves, small clips and fingerwaves!  Short hair is so much fun to try different things while it is growing out.
Love that you cut all your hair off for such a great cause! :) Kitty said it...fingerwaves are amazing in short hair!!
How wonderful! Was it for St. Baldricks? I would do bandanas for a while too. You may feel you lost some of your identity now, but you know it's only temporary. It's just hair and it will grow back. Think how much you have given to help these children! You did a wonderful thing that will help these children and their families! :)

I think your hair is the same length as mine judging by your pic and i managed to do these mini victory rolls following this video

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