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Hey everyone.. Im an albino with very very fair skin. I have been looking for years for a reasonablly priced but effective foundation or power for extremely fair skin tones.. Everything is always so dark or to orange or way out of my price range....ugg.. There is no brown in my skin it is porcelain white with some pink tones..I recently lost my job so funds are pretty limited...=( Can any of you beautiful ladies or fantastic makeup artists give me some suggestions...




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Hi Malinda, how about purchasing some Asian makeup products? I have found translucent powders in Asian markets at very reasonable prices. I am sure you will be able to find other products and the cost should be low. Hope.this helps.

I have very pale skin myself, I've spent years going back and forth between foundations and powders and nothing ever seemed pale enough. I know you've said you've just lost your job, but myself, I've never been able to find a foundation pale enough for my skin for high street prices.

My advice would be to save save save and buy the good stuff! I recently changed to Mac make up, which is great, the mineral liquid foundations are fab, try and find a mac counter and ask them to help you find the right colour for you. They are expensive but they go a long way and give great coverage, I use medium coverage and its better than any high street brand I've ever bought! Straight away the lady put the palest one on me and it was great, only trouble for me is that over the winter and with the foundation containing spf, my skin has rapidly grown even paler!

At the moment I'm looking at Illamasqua foundations. I've never tried them but when I get around to it I'll be writing a review! The great thing about their foundations is that they start with their pale, called pure white and go very dark, the darkest foundation I've seen to be honest!

I also would suggest, in the meanwhile, possibly mixing your current make up with moisturiser, it should give your skin the paleness you're after until you can get your hands on the other stuff! Also a good translucent powder is always good.


Hope this helps honey!



Thanks ladies...yeah mac is amazing and i should just invest in it. I usually use translucent powders but most of them just end up looking like i have tons of white powder on my face. It is hard to find something that looks natural. When i was gothed out years back it was fine but now i just wish i could get somehting that would balance out my skin and give me a nice natural appearance. Im thinkin mac with probably be where i need to go but i am still open to suggestions. I have looked at the asian makeup as well but maybe i will look again next time i go down to chinatown...
I know next-to-nothing about make-up, but I know that your paleness is unique and beautiful. Please don't be in a rush to look more like everyone else. You are gorgeous just the way you are!

Aww thats so sweet. Thank you so much. When i was a teenager i would have done anything to not be an albino.. Now days i know it accept it and love it.. I would never ever try to be like all the other girls.. It is impossible. I have watched my little sister try but she still stands out no matter what she does...I just want make up that matches my pale skin...=)

Have you looked into theater/drag make up? Ben Nye and Krylon both make very light colors, they are a bit heavy for everyday... but worth a try. I love both brands, for all kinds of products, maybe you will too.
thanks for the idea Roxy.. I always forget about stage make up.. True it may be a litle heave and my skin is a litle sensitive but one never knows...I was just looking at some foundation at sephora.. Thinkin i may have to take a little trip to the mall.. YUK.. Its easy to find translucent loose powders but its foundation thats the pain..I hate when iput on makeup and i see brown.. hello.. i have NO brown or orange in my skin... just pink and white...

I have the same issue is what I use..I also have sensitive skin on top of the Palor :)

I've have similar problems with foundations, I usually pick the lightest one and if is it actually light enough it makes my skin yellowy. I have cool (pink) undertones with no yellow or brown in my skin. I recently discovered L'oreal true match. They actually have foundations in warm, neutral and cool tones. The cool tones ones have pink undertones instead of yellow/orange or brown. The best part is that the liquid is usually under $10 and the powder is about $12 (and its oil free).

Its worth a dry, otherwise I would try any foundation that is light enough that says it is for "cool" undertones, then it won't give you that yellow/orange tinge.

Harlow i was just looking at the sephora one earlier today.. the one called pink!!! I am going to try to get down there and get a sample before i invest in one... Thanks for all the advice everyone... =)

Sounds like an obvious one, but because I'm so pale I buy one tube off white foundation (I beleive MAC do one, I use Illamasqua's one tho) and mix it in with a "normal" colour foundation.
The white foundation has lasted me about 9 months now, and still going strong. and the foundation I mix it will costs about £2.
Its about the only way I can get foundation light enough.
As for powder, I use Talc. Just a very very light dusting does the trick :)

Hi Malinda!  I have Vitiligo & have lost all of my pigment on my face, and on most of my body.  I have also tried every kind of foundation and have run into the same problems.  Usually it looks good for a bit and then settles to patchy colors on my face.  

I have finally found the perfect foundation!   Arbonne Natural Radiance Mineral Powder Foundation gives me a perfect glow and buildable coverage.  It does not end up a different color by the end of the day either!  I am using Light, but there is another shade lighter.  If you do not know an Arbonne rep, I can help you find one.  

Good luck!


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