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Found this great retrospect via and I had to share the awesomeness here.


Can we all agree that the gangs of the 50's looks WAAAAY cooler than the stupid ass gangs today? Even smoking a ciggie looked cooler. *swooooon*



What do you all think?

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That's because they were cooler.
LOVE THIS.  Such a great photo.
Came here to say that!

RockabillyRichie/RichieFuggetta said:
That's because they were cooler.

I'll agree that the James Dean look-alike is pretty cool biting his nails, but doesn't it take more than one dude to form a "gang"?


LOL! I'll post more pictures... hate linkage when it doesn't go right to the article.



Here's the link to the original blog post about The Jokers and a few teaser pics! So many great pictures to choose from. Enjoy!


I wouldn't mind this guy working on my car.


More Hair Grease than a mechanics shop.


Just a cool pic...

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