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Add your favorite shopping sites. We need a good shopping database!!

Bettie Page Clothing

Baby Girl Boutique

Pinup Girl Clothing

Lolita Girl Clothing

Whirling Turban

Vivien of Holloway

Sailor Jerry


What Katie Did

Poison Candy Fashion

Girdle Bound

Starlets and Harlets

Get Go Retro

The Atomic Boutique

Lucky Kat

Viva la Vintage

Lip Service

Heartbreaker Fashion


Torture Couture

Billie Jo Retro

Pretty Things Boutique

8 Ball Webstore


Too Fast

Hot Couture

Mode Merr

Angry, Young and Poor

Route 66

Tattoo Apparel

Infectious Threads

Devil Doll


Danger Dame

Grease Gas and Glory

Couture Allure

Boobie Trap

Frock Me!

Big Beautiful Barabara Brown


Pin-Up Parade

The Velvet Vault

The Girdle Zone

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Roxy nailed most of mine, but here's a few others I've come across over the course of my many internet shopping ventures...

How Cool

My Vintage Hut

Go Kat Go

Sunset Star


Mod Cloth
My Baby Jo

Red Dress Shoppe
Sourpuss Clothing
Oh... Touchable, based in Nottingham, Great Britain
Thanks for adding us to the list .... made by day!
Liquid Bombshell corsets and girdles are not an option.
oh can I pimp myself? haha
even if i see some of my retail stores?

Zombie Kitten
Kalandra Jane Millinery(UK)

What Katie Did(UK)

Queen of Heartz(US)

Jungbluth (Germany)

Tokyo Moto Grrrl (US)

Lucky Lou Shoes (US)

Lucky Kat (US)
Sailora, several new vendors there! Thanks for sharing! Can you post a link to their online shop?

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