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I'm going to be in NYC in Oct, and it seems like there's way more to do than meets the eye. In fact, I think there's more that you can't see than you can. Last year I spent 3 days just riding around the subway walking around different areas. This year I want to DO STUFF!     NYCites, help me out!


I'm not really interested in touristy things. I spent a bunch of time in times square last time which was cool since it was so close to halloween.


I'm not really into touristy places or shopping...the best times I had were at dive bars and eateries. I'd like to check out a sweet burlesque show or cool bar. I'm up for local food places as well.


I want to experience NYC as a new yorker, not a tourist.


I'm also up for shoots as well.

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Shared with the perfect New York City Girl!

Although I have not had a chance to go there as of yet there is a bar called "Back Room"102 Norfolk St  New York, NY 10002. It's like an old 20's speakeasy. I've heard amazing things about this place.

There's also another place called "Swing 46" 349 W 46th St  Manhattan, NY 10036  Live Big Band music and dancing, 7 nights a week.

Hope you have a wonderful visit!


Thanks, I'll have to check them out!


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