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Featured Pinups iPhone App is the world's premiere online community for Pinup, Rockabilly, Vintage, Glamour, and Burlesque culture. From lace to latex, we've got it all! PL is visited daily by the industry's top models, publications, photographers, vendors, and artists from all over the world.

Now browse PinupLifestyle's Featured Photos right in the palm of your hand! With over 85,000 photos in our gallery, this app will showcase the best of the best personally chosen by the site's founders. We will be highlighting our members, their talents, and the stunning images they create.

You are about to get your hands on the most amazing pinup images (modern and vintage-inspired) from across the world! You will see a range of images here from girls to cars to pieces of art, all uploaded by the fabulous members of PL.
Browse the Gallery to see PL's latest Featured Photos and their details. The Gallery is updated LIVE and will download new features over Edge, 3G, or WiFi!

See an image you absolutely love?! (And believe me, you will.) Double-tap the image to add it to your Favorites. Easily access them later by simply selecting 'Favorites' from the main menu.

So, what are you waiting for?? Click HERE* to get the app and part of the Pinup Lifestyle NOW!
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"We are the new vintage."

The "Featured Pinups" iPhone App has been removed from the app store along with over 5000 other apps that were cited by Apple as "overtly sexual". One of the other apps, also removed, was "Boys and their Toys", an e-book about cars. Yeah, it got pretty silly. We're currently working with our developer, Thirty-Nine LLC, to re-submit with our fingers crossed! For those of you that had already downloaded the app, you're one of the lucky ones. The app will continue to function as normal and you will continue to receive Featured Photo updates.
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