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by our very own Pinup Madams!


Site Rules at a Glance
• This is a community for networking, not dating.
• No spamming, via private messaging or forum.
• No nudity. Implied nudity is acceptable. **The essence of implied nudity is that the photograph is suggestive but not revealing.**

• No violent or offensive content in any medium.
• No racism, hatred, drama, personal abuse or threats.

The following are policies of that the Madams will be monitoring:


As a general rule of thumb: if it's lifestyle-related, bring it on. The following types of photos are accepted and encouraged:

  • Photoshoots
  • Apparel
  • Tattoos
  • Rides/Kustoms
  • Props & Accessories
  • Lifestyle-related party & convention stuff

- Links to our photo policies are displayed throughout the site, so please read and respect them. PL is a networking/lifestyle community, so please don't upload random pictures. While we understand that not everyone is a model (many of us are just fans), remember that we aren't asking you to post professional pictures - just stick to pictures that represent the kickass lifestyle we all love. Click here for more information about the photo policies, and to join the discussion or ask questions.

- Absolutely NO nudity. We will accept implied nudity only.

- Slander or rude comments about any of our members will not be tolerated, if you at all disrespect any of our members you will be removed from the site. We are all here for the love of the lifestyle, not to trash talk and fight, so save the drama for ya mama.

- Please remember PL is a networking/lifestyle site, NOT a hook-up site. While we all love the wonderful thing that is love, please keep the hook-ups separate. And remember...all members are encouraged to report any creeps to the Pin-up Madams. You will be removed and perma-banned, so please don't bring it here.

- PL offers advertising for our vendors, if interested please read more about the options offered in the Info section of the website. As a courtesy to our community, please promote your business via purchased advertising or in appropriate circumstances (ie: related forum discussions, welcome messages/images). 

When using the chat room or forums please be aware that there are lurkers! A lot of them can be people who just decided to check out the site and happen to watch the conversations to see what the members in PL choose to talk about before they decide to join.

With that in mind…here are some tips to keep the madams off your back:

-Remember that if you are talking about other people you may have met elsewhere (outside of the cyber realm included) they may happen to be reading what you are saying OR a friend of theirs may be, so don’t say anything you wouldn’t want your frenemies to read!

-Keep any negative comments about people to yourself or save it for private chat with someone you feel shares your dislikes. Just don’t tell the whole world about how much you think someone sucks or how ugly you think so-and-so is. It’s exceptionally rude and PL does not want to be associated with it. 

-If you are a professional; be it model, photographer, designer, etc., be sure that what you say coincides with what you would say to someone you would work with in the industry since they could be reading it too. This is a networking site, ya know, so keep inside your professional bubble.

-All of us like to be able to loosely speak but, just be sure that what you say would not offend anyone.

-Try to stay positive! No one has a good day every single day, but nobody likes a Debbie Downer. That’s usually when you start to notice people logging out or not typing anymore.

-Do NOT get catty. Ever.

-Don’t drop a Spam bomb! If people are in the middle of a discussion, it is incredibly rude to drop an ad for your business in the hub of it! You can at least say hi and attempt to get into the conversation before you decide to mention your business.

-Don’t be a diva. If you choose to go into the chat or forums to direct all of the attention to you and get mad when someone else joins in, at least acknowledge them by giving them a hello! It’s just the right thing to do.

This has been a message from the PL Team and the Pinup Madams. Remember, these are just some pointers to keep us all from looking like idiots!

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